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Windows XP Users – It’s only going to get worse from here!

April 8, 2014 has come and gone, and if you are still running a Windows XP computer either at home or your office, your exposure to security risks and other serious issues will continue to grow more each day.

Recently, here are what other industry experts are saying:

  • “What once was considered low-hanging fruit by hackers now has a big neon bull’s eye on it,” says Patrick Thomas, a security consultant at the San Jose, Calif.-based firm Neohapsis.
  • “Effective April 8, 2014, we will no longer provide security updates, issue fixes to non-security related problems or offer online technical content updates” – Microsoft Corporation
  •  “Without patches to fix bugs in the software XP PCs will be prone to freezing up and crashing, while the absence of updated security related protections make the computers susceptible to hackers.” – Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes
  • “There’s a gearing up on the part of the dark side to take advantage of this end of support,” – Sam Glines, CEO of Norse, a threat-detection firm with major offices in St. Louis and Silicon Valley.

Heritage Computer Specialists, can help you avoid the potential of compromised financial and other personal information, as well as hardware and software failures by offering the FULL computer replacement packages shown below.

And before you drive off to your favorite ‘Big Box’ superstore and buy a new Windows 8 computer, know the facts.  Microsoft has stated publicly that Windows 8 has ‘issues.’  The Windows XP to Windows 8 learning curve is very difficult.  Your printer and other devices attached to your current computer may not work with Windows 8.

Each package INCLUDES, preparation in our lab, complete on-site delivery & set-up at your home or office, transferring the data you have on your existing computer to your new PC, a one full year of Anti-Virus protection, and your choice of Microsoft Office or a similar open source product – Call and ask to speak with a specialist for all the details.  Supplies are limited and are moving fast, get some peace of mind before it’s too late!

Type Manufacturer Warranty Processor Memory Hard Drive With Microsoft Office With Open Source Office
 Desktop Acer 2 Yr Pentium 4 GB 500 GB $742 $556
 Desktop Acer 1 Yr i3 4 GB 500 GB $838 $652
 Desktop Asus 1 Yr Pentium 8 GB 1 TB $773 $591
 Desktop Dell 3 Yr i5 8 GB 1 TB $1,019  Best Value at $837
 Desktop Dell 1 Yr i4 4 GB 500 GB $736  $562
 Desktop HP 1 Yr Pentium 2 GB 500 GB $745 $559
 Desktop HP 1 Yr Pentium 4 GB 500 GB $793 $608
Desktop Pick a Brand Tell Us Tell Us Tell Us Tell Us Build Your Own Package Call for Pricing
 Laptop 17.3″ Acer 1 Yr Celeron 4 GB 500 GB $770 $584
 Laptop 17.3″ Acer 1 Yr i3 6 GB 500 GB $862  Best Value at $677
 Laptop 15.6″ Acer/Gateway 1 Yr Celeron 4 GB 500 GB $707 $521
 Laptop 15.6″ Dell 1 Yr i3 4 GB 500 GB $737 $562
 Laptop 17.3″ Dell 1 Yr i3 4 GB 500 GB $788 $614
 Laptop 15.6″ HP 1 Yr AMD 2.7 4 GB 500 GB $812 $626
Laptop Pick a Brand Tell Us Tell Us Tell Us Tell Us Build Your Own Package Call for Pricing

If you don’t see what you are looking for, whether based on manufacturer, computer size or price, give us a call.  We provide new and FACTORY REFURBISHED PC’s from every manufacturer to fit every budget.  Tell us what your computer needs are, and your budget, we’ll find the perfect fit for you.  We are a local company committed to working one-to-one with our customers to provide the best solutions at the best pricing in the geographic region we serve.

Unfortunately, you’ve passed the previously advertised window of opportunity of  3:00 PM on Friday, April 4, 2014 to assure that your new PC can be ordered, delivered and installed before the support expiration date of Windows XP. 

The good news is, we still have a fair amount of Windows 7 inventory available for immediate purchase. 

We’ve also developed some important suggestions to share with you after you’ve purchase your new computer, that will help you reduce the risks associated with continuing to use your XP based unit until your new PC is delivered and set-up.

Call (203) 405-3485 our professionally staffed call center is available to take your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year !  Or simply click the button shown below and make your own appointment online.Book an appointment



Over 35 Years of ‘Real World’ Experience

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience”.

Certainly, the professional team at Heritage Computer Specialists, LLC would never compare ourselves to Mr. Einstein, but we pride ourselves in our extensive experience in the computer industry.

We were around when the first home computers were made available, and we’ve kept pace ever since.

Working with us, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we are bringing the most effective and current solutions to all of your computer needs.

customer care is job #1

Patient – Professional – Punctual

Among the keys to our success is based on what we like to refer to as ‘customer care.’

We know that computers can be confussing and down right complicated at times.  That’s why one of our primary points of focus is being patient with our customers; taking the extra time to be certain you clearly understand everything you need to know about the services we provide and the products we sell.

Our team also adheres to a solid code of professionalism.  We know that your time is valuable, and when you pay for a service you expect only the best.


u.s. based support

We’re local to you, and proud to be an American owned and operated business.

Whether we are providing service for you in your home or office, or accessing your computer remotely, Heritage Computer Specialists, LLC uses ONLY American resources living right here in the U.S.A.

When you call us you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that our team won’t bog you down with all that can happen when your support is provided by someone halfway around the world.

We’re experts in resolving issues working directly with your Internet provider.


we’re affordable

Affordable service rates, hardware, software and more.

All work performed by Heritage Computer Specialists, LLC is done at the very affordable hourly rate of $49.

Using our services eliminates the need for one price for a this and a different price for that.

Affordable with us also extends to the hardware and software we sell.  We offer all of the products we sell from our inventory of over 10,000 items at or near cost, and we’ll even match our local competition’s prices or any source you find online.


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